The Loveliest Masquerade – ניצן רביד

אממ שלום, אני כתבתי פואמה קצרה על מסכות ועל אנשים. רוצים לקרוא אותה? אממ, לא. אז למה נכנסתם לכאן. שוו שוו צאו מכאן. טוב עכשיו שאני מקווה שכל אלה שלא אוהבים פואמות ו\או לא שמים מסכות בחמד”ע יצאו. תהנו מהחרוזים או משהו. ביי!


The Loveliest Masquerade / Poem by Nitsan Ravid

?Is there’s a you

.A you that’s true

,And when you grew

?is that still you

When your beginning and end

share no more resemblance 

.than a stranger to a friend

?Was all of these still you

.Or when I met you

.The kindest smile, on your face you drew

?Was that a lie? Only a hue

?And what if it was

?Does that mean my feelings are a fake cause

?Only a connection to a mask

.But I don’t think a facade is an empty husk

,Because if all you show is empty smiles

?is your life even worth a while

.Is one that never shows itself never lives

?Or is it all parts of you? liver, heart and ribs

.A mask to your family, a mask to your class

A mask to a lad and a mask to a lass

.A mask to a funeral and a mask for a joyful song

?Weren’t these always you, all along

You keep replacing masks from birth to 


.but I like all the masks you showed me as a friend

.I like your mask of wits, oh how neatly your face it fits

.Your mask of smarts and how you open your hearts

.and most I like your mask of kindness of which this universe and surely I do not deserve

.Yet through this mask’s golden eyelets this world you observe

.And when you’re tired and all your fronts unmasked and unmade

.I’ll still like your plain and undecorated faceless facade

,Because that is you

.both mask and wearer

.With all your smiles, your rue, and ever

,You is you and you is true

.and I quite like you

.How lucky I am that you like me too

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